Jiving on Regardless

{December 9, 2007}   Colitis and Corsets

I haven’t written for a while ’cause, well, what with feeling so well and lots to do in this festive season I haven’t much felt the inclination. However, my husband pointed out that if there are people reading this with colitis they are just as interested in the high points of my life as the low points.  I guess I can prove that you can have high points with colitis, even after many, many low points.

I have now had my second Infliximab infusion and am due a third on January 3rd 2008.  I shall have the infusions every eight weeks until I become symptom free, which is not quite yet, or until they decide that the treatment has done as much as it can.  The treatments are fine and other than making me very tired for a few days afterwards I feel absolutely fine.  I do still have symptoms, bleeding etc but mostly my bowels are normal and I am leading a more normal life than I have since diagnosis seven years ago.

The other day I took the brave step of buying myself a corset, a full on, boned and beautiful corset for a whopping £135!  I have not spent so much money on an item of clothing since I got married but boy was it worth it.  It is absolutely stunning and makes me feel fantastic!  It takes my waist down to a 20 inch waist! You lose four inches in a corset – who needs diets, and why the hell did women give up wearing these things, they are brilliant.  I can wear the corset out and about over Christmas which is great, it’s first outing will be on Friday – I can’t wait!  I have also invested in all of the additional paraphernalia which must accompany this delicious piece of lingerie – yep, stockings and suspenders.

A year ago wearing such things were an absolute no no.  Firstly, I had a crap body image, being bloated and over weight due to the steroids, secondly my abdomen was too sore and painful to be wrapped up in such a constricting item of clothing, thirdly, I felt like shit so had no inclination to put anything other than pyjamas on let alone a sexy piece of kit and fourthly I had no confidence to even consider revealing myself in such a way – how things change! 🙂

This Friday I shall be wearing my corset, hot-pants, stockings and suspenders and dancing! Mad but it can be done and I am about to prove it.  I hasten to add that this would not normally be the kind of get up I would grace the dance floor in, Christ no, I am no exhibitionist (well, maybe secretly but lets not go into that 🙂 ) , it is a themed night so allowed and my husband will be with me so perfectly safe!  Mmm, now I think about it I wonder whether I will actually have the nerve to go out like that, I hope so as it is for fun and why not, there will come a time once again when I couldn’t possibly.

So, there we are, life with colitis isn’t always bland and painful but I have only just discovered this and long may it continue.

If anyone is reading this with colitis I truly hope you have  a healthy and happy Christmas and if things are not good right now that they improve greatly in the New Year.

I doubt i’ll be back before Christmas so Merry Christmas xxx


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