Jiving on Regardless

{January 5, 2008}   Happy New Year

Today I am feeling the effects of the post Christmas blues.  We have had a lovely Christmas with loads of good family stuff going on, friends visiting and lots of fantastic dancing, culminating in our 8th Wedding Anniversary on New Years Eve which we celebrated at a dance and had a great time.  I have been thoroughly spoilt in lots of ways over Christmas and am sad to see it end 😦

I was bought back to reality pretty quickly as on Wednesday 2nd January I had to spend the day in hospital having my third Infliximab infusion.  They took 2.5 hours deciding whether or not they could go ahead as I had been on antibiotics for two weeks for sinusitis, but they eventually concluded that the infection was clear so it was okay.  You can’t have Infliximab if there is any sign of infection as it dampens your immune system too much, disabling its ability to fight infection properly.

The infusion was fine though.  I quite enjoy it,  it is a good five hours sitting around in my own little ‘cabin’ reading a book or listening to my Ipod, with no disturbances from kids or anyone else – heaven. The canular always leaves me with a massive and painful bruise on my hand but that heals after a few days so nothing to complain about.  All in all I think I shall look forward to my 8 weekly trip to the hospital, which is probably a good thing as they have advised that as it is keeping my UC under control I shall be doing it for at least another year.

It is good stuff. I start to feel my symptoms rearing their ugly head at the end of the 8 weeks but this is quite normal and as long as it is limited and short lived I am more than happy.  All in all I am very much hoping for an even better year than last year with my health.

I haven’t made any New Years resolutions as I am not the type but I hope that I can just find a year that is fulfilling and happy and full of less down moments than last.  Things look well set for a good one so fingers crossed it will be.

I am now counting down the five weeks until our next dance weekender which is on the 1st-4th Feb.  I am particularly excited about this one as there will be a lot of WCS dancers there, including some great professionals.  This will be the first time we are able to dance it.  I say dance it, we are still very much beginners but I think progressive beginners and my husband definitely has it sussed.  For someone who never wanted to dance he looks bloody great West Coasting and just continues to get better.  I feel quite inadequate at times and am having a lack of confidence time with my dancing at the minute but he buoys me up and keeps me going.

Anyway, I hear my nearly two year old screaming. I can’t believe he is two this month – where has the time gone?

Better go…


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