Jiving on Regardless

{May 15, 2008}  

N and I had a long chat last night about ‘the op’ and the logistics of having it done.  We decided that it is time for me to take back some control and have the operation.  We know it will be hard and the next two years will be fraught with ups and downs but at least there should be a positive end to it, unlike now when it is fraught with ups and downs and no foreseeable end (bar the op).

We figure that September will be the best time to have it done given that we have a summer holiday booked in August which we are looking forward to and it will be better done when my sons have school/preschool. So, I have made an appointment with my sons Headmaster to tell him what will be going on and to talk about how we are going manage it.  I am also going to be speaking with our parents this weekend to see how they can help.  Our plan is to keep B in school as much as possible but it is probable that he will have to take the odd day off to be taken care of by relatives who are far away.  We are hoping that with our Childminder and my In-Laws, who are retired, and lots of friends rallying round taking B to school and back, we will manage during my hospital stay and recovery time.  It is not going to be easy that is for sure.

Next I am going to make an appointment for my husband and I to see the Stoma nurse so that we can both ask questions.  In addition, as soon as I have the details, I shall be in touch with the patients that my nurse recommends me to speak to and hopefully have good chats with them.

I think that come the 2nd July, my next booked Consultant appointment,  I will have spoken to everyone and done the research I want to do and be ready  to get him to refer me to the surgeon.  After that I think it will all go ahead as and when I want it to as fortunately we are able to have the op done privately.  Once again, I am so, so grateful that my husband has a job with Healthcare.

I feel a bit wobbly and all over the place with tiredness and worry but I also feel quite excited and positive that finally I might get my life back as I have wanted it to be the last ten years. I know it is a long process with a lot to get through but I figure that I have managed the last ten years of almost constant flare ups so getting through the next two will be fine.

It’s been a busy week but I have a great weekend of West Coast coming up to take my mind off it, so as of tonight, I am going to have a few days break from thinking about my bowels!

Better go and get my son from nursery…….


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