Jiving on Regardless

{May 26, 2008}   Gastro Professionals

I have just read my friend’s blog and it has made me feel very grateful.  Since being diagnosed with UC I have had four consultants. The first one was in Peterborough and he literally went through the nine months it took to diagnose and the day he diagnosed me I moved to London.  That day was easily the most exciting day of my life and couldn’t even be blighted by the phone call I received mid afternoon to say I have UC and was to register with a doctor and get put on steroids immediately! Ahhh, memories 🙂

In London I had two horrendously useless consultants in a horrible, dirty, far too big teaching hospital, St Georges in Tooting. That place was hell and fortunately at that time I never suffered an admittance (although clearly should have done, had they been doing their jobs right).  These consultants had too many people on their books and no time to deal.  My only saving grace in London was a fantastic GP who was incredibly supportive and helpful.

Four and a half years ago I moved to here and wow, what a surprise.  I have a fantastic Gastro TEAM!  The team consists of two consultants, two specialist Gastro nurses and a who bunch of other nurses.  The two consultants are equally fantastic.  They are fun, comforting, accessible, on the ball, progressive and actually concerned with my quality of life as opposed to just the presentation of the illness.  I am under one of the consultants but if he is away or unavailable I am able to see the other consultant.  They both make me smile.  The Gastro nurses are just amazing.  They are available on the phone everyday and ALWAYS call me back if I leave a message. The whole team knows me, knows my family and my situation and treat me accordingly.  I just can’t praise them and how much they have done for me enough.  I think every gastro department in the country should be modelled on these guys – they absolutely lead the way.

It feels good to be thinking about this as given what I am about to face it makes all the difference to know I am under the best care.

I had a sick day yesterday which really means I stayed in my PJ’s all day.  I hate doing it as it makes me feel useless and out of control, so it is a rare occurrence.  However, I felt a lot better although my UC is definitely moving into major flare up mode.  Today I am getting dressed and going to be active whatever, as sitting around moping does nothing to make me feel better.

Tomorrow I shall call my Stoma nurse (I neglected to mention her before, but she is a member of the team I have only recently met, but she is equally great) and arrange an appointment for N and I.  I shall also call my Gastro nurse, to arrange an appointment with my consultant earlier than planned.  She will probably get me in next week at the latest.

Once these appointments happen the ball is rolling and I should think I shall meet with the surgeon in the next three/four weeks.  Not so scary now to be honest.  I am definitely ready to get rid of this intestinal burden.

Right, it’s time for me to get dressed and help my husband create a gym space in our garage – he will need a little escape haven over the next year or so!


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