Jiving on Regardless

{May 31, 2008}   Questions and Answers

The last few days have been hectic as it is half term which always means catching up with the people I can’t see in term-time, such as my brothers and sisters and some good friends.  It’s lovely to see everyone but I have been suffering with a bad cold this week, on top of my colitis, so I have kind of been dragging myself around.

Last week I stupidly waffled onto my sister about the operation without realising that my son (who is nearly five and very switched on) had snuck into the room and was listening to every word.  I hadn’t wanted to tell him until it was booked but I had to once he had heard it like that.  We had a good chat about it and he asked me lots of questions.  I explained that they would make a cut in Mummy’s tummy, which wouldn’t hurt as they give me special medicine which stops me from feeling pain.  They would then take out my poorly bits.  He asked what my poorly bits looked like which made me smile as this is an easy one ” a string of sausages”.  He didn’t ask much more but later that day he relayed what I had said almost word to word to a friend of ours, so he had obviously taken it all in.

This morning, in the car, he asked me if we could play a game this afternoon.  I replied that I couldn’t do it today as I felt too poorly but I would do it as soon as I was better.  To this he retorted with “I can’t wait until they cut you open and take away your poorly bits” in a rather sullen voice 🙂 If I hadn’t made up my mind before then, this would definitely have swayed me to the decision to have the op!  You don’t realise how much your illness effects those around you until you tell them that it is going to come to an end and they all heave a huge sigh of relief! My husband and my children seem very pleased I am going ahead which just goes to show that I have definitely made the right decision.

Today, my husband and I were planning childcare for the first six weeks after the op.  We now have definite appointments with my consultant and stoma nurse this Wednesday so the ball will start to roll then – I am just wanting to get on with it now.

I have moments when I feel very frustrated that this has to happen.  Normally when I am watching some West Coast Swing footage on You Tube or when I get invited to a dance event I know I won’t be able to attend.  I just have to console myself with the fact that I shall have much more energy for my dancing when it is all over and it will be much improved as a result. Roll on the next two years…

Other than the obvious, things are very good.  I went to the library today and picked out the Chronicles of Narnia.  Amazingly I have only ever read The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe (my favourite book as a child) so I felt it was time to rectify this.  I have been reading a lot of Jodi Picoult recently as my friend gave me all of her books (they’re okay but they don’t blow me away) and it is definitely time for some good old Fantasy.  I also picked up The Firebird’s Vengeance by Sarah Zettel which is the final part of a Trilogy she has written – excellent if you like fantasy.

I am writing this whilst my boys and husband watch Dr Who – they all love it, even our two year old!  It’s not my cup of tea so I leave them to it.  Next week is my husbands birthday so we are off to London to take the kids to the Dr Who exhibition at Earls Court. Despite my lack of interest in Dr Who I am looking forward to it as they all love it so much it will be brilliant to see them enjoying it all.  I get to go back to London again that week for my birthday where I get to do what I want to do!  My husband and I shall spend the day and evening without the children but I have no idea what we are doing yet.  Regardless, it will be lovely, I miss London so much that any time I get to spend down there is great.

Talking of London, I am going to be going down in July too, to finally meet Ali.  Ali and I got in contact with each other through a forum when we were both pregnant and suffering badly with UC in 2005.  Since then we have developed an amazing friendship which has seen us both through the many ups and downs of family life and life with UC.  It’s weird, but despite having never met, I would class Ali as one of my closest friends, probably because we share a lot of intimate detail about our lives with one another.  Obviously, we have seen photographs and we exchange gifts at Birthdays and Christmas and we email each other lots but we have never actually set eyes on each other.  This is primarily due to lack of time because of family commitments and bad health.  I so can’t wait to finally get together – it will be great to finally give her a big hug and say hi properly 🙂

I am off now to enjoy a curry and a glass of wine…


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