Jiving on Regardless

{March 1, 2009}   More Anti-biotics!

This weekend hasn’t been too good.  It started off okay apart from my tiredness which had been growing over the week.  Saturday morning I woke up and wanted to go out for the day with my family so we packed a picnic and headed off to a place an hour away.  We got there and realised that it doesn’t open until next weekend – great! Having promised the kids a day out we had to find somewhere to go so we headed back home to a place near us  – an hour back.  All morning I had been feeling dodgy. We had a lovely day at a children’s farm but I felt increasingly ill with what I thought was bad wind – I had stupidly tried to eat baked beans on Friday night.  This feeling got worse and my stomach got more painful and by the end of the evening I couldn’t keep anything down and was throwing up.

By this morning I couldn’t even keep water down and worried about dehydration I called the out of hours doctor.  They asked me to go to the out of hours clinic at the hospital, a place I really hoped I had seen the back of.  It turns out that I have a urine infection which explains all of my symptoms.  I am now on anti-biotics and have been told not to eat for 24 hours.  I am starving so I just tried a biscuit and paid the price so shall stick to the 24 hours now!

All in all not a good weekend.  This is my third lot of anti-biotics in the four weeks since my op.  They say things come in threes so I really hope this is it now and I can truly concentrate on getting well.  It’s not a big deal, many people go through far worse things post op but it is enough to set me on a bit of a downer which I can’t afford right now.  As my surgeon told me – upstairs is where it’s all at so it’s important not to stress and to stay positive.

It doesn’t help that in my search for answers as to why I might be feeling this way I went on the IA website. This is a fantastic support group but I personally find that all the stories on there scare the shit out of me (scuse pun!) and I always come away feeling relieved that my experiences aren’t as bad as theirs and depressed that the future holds all of these different possibilities that aren’t too good.  Please don’t get me wrong, they are great people on there doing a wonderful job, I just can’t cope with the enlightenment at the moment 🙂

All in all I am not feeling on top of the world but I am DETERMINED to get well by next Friday when I intend to dance my heart out in preparation for the intensive dance weekend we are booked on the weekend after.  I shall be fit enough to cope with it, I shall!


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