Jiving on Regardless

{March 11, 2009}   What a day.

Right now I should have my bottom firmly planted on the sofa in front of Home and Away (which is on my PVR – sad but true!) with a cuppa, winding down.  Instead I am dealing with my five year old who had a bad dream at 4.30am this morning, has had us both up since that time and is now kicking up a fuss about going to bed because he’s scared of the dream re-occurring.  In typical hardened Mum, my cuppa is more important than your neuroticisms, fashion I have shouted at him, told him to go to sleep or else and am now trying to give him some comfort by staying upstairs in the study and tapping away on the keyboard so that he knows I am near and can relax – all of this whilst still shouting at him.  I demonstrate ordinary parenting, not the good kind, not the bad kind, just the kind that happens when you’ve been up for 15 hours and feel like a zombie.

Today has not been my finest in an irritating kind of way. Last night I ventured back into the world of vegetables and stir frys – a life without stir fry is not a life after all.  Yep, I regretted it.  Damn cabbage stuff (mixed bag of pre-prepared veg) gave me a re-occurance of my symptoms from last week.  In deed I now know that the GP was talking out of his arse and I did not have a urine infection but just a good old fashioned temporary blockage.  I spent the morning throwing up and feeling full of wind, which is really not a comfortable experience with a pouch.  Eventually after much massage, water and chewing gum it relieved and my pouch emptied for the first time today at 2.30pm – God, the relief. This time wasn’t as bad as last time but bad enough. It is a learning curve this eating with a pouch business but I am getting the gist of it.  It’s not a big deal it just requires some patience and hesitancy around veg and fruit – an alien concept to me.

After this dodgy period I took myself off down to the school to meet with my sons teacher after I missed his parent consultation last week due to illness (oh, the irony of the day).  This was a diversion from what is otherwise my day without the kids.  On Wednesdays they go to the childminders for a couple of hours after school so I get a bit of time to do what I need to and can’t do with them around.  I look forward to Wednesdays as you can imagine, they are my day to just be, to get on and do in silence and to do things at my own pace. Any parent will appreciate that such time is sacred.  So, anyway, because my kids are my number 1 priority I interrupt my day and head on down to the school to meet the teacher at 3pm.  I say hi to my kids and wave them off with the childminder and patiently wait whilst the teacher discharges each of her little angels to their parents.  She looks at me concerned and says ‘i’m sure I sent Brogan out to you have you not got him?” At this point I realise she has forgotten my appointment with her. I remind her and indeed yes she has forgotten and she can’t see me as she has to go and sell books at the after school book stall.  She is the Deputy Head and she forgot an appointment with a parent! I smiled sweetly, exclaimed that this was ‘no problem, yes tomorrow is fine’ and walked off. I head straight to my friend and proclaim “fucking stupid woman (out of earshot of children I have to say), forgot my appointment after I have wasted an hour, a whole hour, of MY day!”. I was not a happy bunny.

As it happens I can’t meet her tomorrow after school as I am meeting my friend R, whom I met after my operation as she had had a Total Colectomy the month before me and we had mutual friends.  I am looking forward to having a catch up so the teacher will have to wait.  My poor son is desperate for me to see her as he gets a treat if his consultation is good 🙂

Not the best day but not the worst by a long shot.  All in all I feel fab, it has its moments but far fewer and far between than having UC.

I am now looking forward to tomorrow when my youngest son and I are going to bake copious amounts of cakes to sell on our Playgroup Red Nose Day stall on Friday. I am going to run the stall and have spent a lot of today putting together costumes for the kids and me – I can’t wait, I like a bit of fundraising fun. The week will definitely get better 🙂


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