Jiving on Regardless

{March 25, 2009}   Oh so tired…

It’s been a while since I have written, mainly because I have been too tired!  I have just got over a second urine infection (supposedly – I still have my doubts) and am now suffering from extreme tiredness – something I thought I had seen the back of. I am sure it is something easily resolved though, probably anaemia.  I’m going to have blood tests on Tuesday morning (ridiculous that I have to wait a week for them!) which will include Thyroid function, Iron count, and blood sugar levels. Hopefully they will uncover the problem and I can go from there.  I confess it has been getting me down as I really am keen to get back to life now and having lots of good times.

I have also been suffering from minor blockages which are annoying. It seems that something gets stuck, I then get horrendous wind which is very painful and throw up. I am finding that Semeticone tablets really help and walking around.  After a few hours it passes but it is something I could do without and hope eases over time.  I am still concerned about my diet so I have made an appointment to see a dietitian in a few weeks time.

I have been so tired that I couldn’t even make it through an entire WCS lesson with Jordan and Tatiana.  This amazing couple were over from the States and were at my class night, an opportunity not to be missed.  My class night is in London about an hour and ten minutes away from my house.  Usually this isn’t a problem but I was so shattered on Monday that by the time I got down there I had barely enough energy to stand let alone dance.  I managed the first lesson but left before the end of the second lesson. I was gutted as they are such awesome dancers and are so rarely over,  it is not something that will happen again for a while.  Heh ho.

Other than that I haven’t been doing a great deal which is frustrating.  I am moving on with my fundraising and that is going nicely.  My friend has just written a press release for the local paper and has warned me that they may want to interview me – eek!  I am not entirely comfortable with talking about this illness so publicly and locally but as she pointed out, it raises awareness and will help raise the money for my causes.  I am raising funds for the NACC as it is their 30th Anniversary and my local hospital who have recently set up an Infliximab room and need some equipment for it.

Anyway, I guess I ought to go and get my children from the childminder. I have had a more restful day today which has helped.  I have to go out tonight to see a friend in distress so I am saving my energy and hoping I make it past 8pm:-)


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