Jiving on Regardless

{June 19, 2009}   Ascot and all things lovely

The last few days have really made me realise that life is odd (wow – the revelation!).  How do I explain this?  Today I am shattered after a particularly exciting few days and my brain isn’t well engaged in the vocabulary department.

Yesterday I went to Royal Ascot Ladies Day.  For those who have lived in another planet for the last oh so many years, Royal Ascot is an event held at Ascot Race course, a course owned by Her Majesty The Queen, every year for five days.  The Thursday of this event is traditionally known as Ladies Day and is when ladies are expected to turn out in their finest, and often most outrageous, attire for a day of gambling, champagne guzzling frivolity (in other words, they dress in a nice outfit and hat, lose a load of cash and get pissed – very pissed in many cases!).

I bought myself and my Mum a ticket to celebrate my recovery and my Mum’s 50th Birthday.  Preparing for yesterday has been so exciting over the last few weeks.  I put A LOT of thought and time into my outfit and enjoyed every last second of it – to be honest, it was worth buying the tickets to just prepare for the event – attending it was not nearly as exciting as choosing my dress 😀

We had such a lovely day.  It was amazing people watching and watching racing is always fun when you have a bet on – albeit a small bet in my case.  I lost all of my money but my Mum doubled up so it worked out well:-)

Two things struck me this day.  Firstly, I walked around a happy, healthy lady in my best frock and received numerous lovely compliments about how I looked.  Secondly, I felt well, really, really well.  My legs didn’t ache (although I did develop blisters from the seriously high – and very gorgeous shoes I tottered around on), my head was clear, and most remarkably to me I could cope absolutely fine with the huge crowds of people, something pre surgery I found very difficult, I think it must have been because of low concentration and tiredness. Thirdly, and most significantly, the fact that I was there at all.  That I had been able to book tickets months in advance and actually make it to the event.  The fact that in less than a year I have had my bowel removed and life has moved on to such a point as I can now wear fancy clothes with no hindrances (i.e. bag, self esteem, fear of accident, lack of energy) and feel great.

Unfortunately one thing hadn’t changed – I still made acquaintance with every toilet block in the place, and there were many! My damn bladder is still ensuring that I need to visit the loo often, however, I realised that I have become an excellent toilet hunter, tracking down the best loo with the least queues and with plenty of loo roll – I laughed!  I didn’t queue once, but I did have my poor Mum following me around the place from toilet to toilet 🙂

An amazing day.

Re my continued love for toilets, I have an appointment with an Urologist in two weeks time. I have to keep a chart of my urinating which includes peeing into a jug and monitoring amounts and frequency.  Damn bladder! Least it’s note Damn UC though 🙂

Some photos of me in my outfit – taken by my amazing husband:

The Dress!

The Dress!

Charlotte's Dress 1


Rich says:

You look fabulous. Glad you had a great day out. Real bad luck with this wee-trouble, I hope you get it sorted soon.

Ali says:

The dress! THE dress! Charlotte you can pull off that era’s look so well, you look beautiful xx

phiphi04 says:

i have to say that ive suffered for many years with this and find the information here fantastic, great to know im not alone out there, thank you.

Lottie says:

Hi, I’m so glad you find it useful. One of these days I shall get round to putting all of this info into a more useable format. For now I’m enjoying living a healthy life and grateful for my freedom from UC every day. I hope you find your freedom one day. It’s a hard road but there is definitely light at the end of it x

phiphi04 says:

i dont know how this happened but i have numerous links pointing to your site.
could you please remove the comment “i have to say that ive suffered for many years with this and find the information here fantastic, great to know im not alone out there, thank you.”
by phiphi04.

thanks in advance

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