Jiving on Regardless

{July 20, 2009}   Memory 4

I went home with a bag full of Ibrupfen and paracetamol and was told that would be enough to keep the pain at bay – I was dubious at the time and rightly so.

N and the kids came to collect me and it was so nice to be getting out of that hot horrible little room on the ward.  We took a very slow walk to the car and then headed to McDonalds – I was starving 🙂  I got tired very quickly and went home to bed.  A few hours later I woke in such pain and Ibuprofen wasn’t helping. I rang my GP surgery and I had to go down to the out of hours surgery to look at other pain relief options.  I can’t remember now what they gave me but they gave me some sleeping tablets and some stronger pain relief.

The next day (Thursday – day 6) there was still no improvement so I went to my GP.  This time they gave me even stronger pain relief, dihydrocodeine (Vicadin) alongside paracetamol and the sleeping pills.  This worked well.

Suddenly on the Friday, Day 7 I started to get a pain in my rectum, like an itchy burning pain that got worse and worse and worse.  By Saturday morning it was excruciating and I was climbing the walls in pain again. N took me to the out of hours doctor where I spent an hour feeling like I was going to lose my mind to the pain, in the waiting room.  Eventually after a telecon with my consultant they gave me some local anaesthetic cream.  I remember we had to go to Tesco to get the script and the half an hour wait was horrendous.  I ran straight into the toilets to administer the cream and the relief was pretty quick – hurrah!

You’d think this would be the last of my pain story but no.  The rectal pain continued to the point where I just couldn’t cope and I was readmitted to hospital.  Within 24 hours things had gone from bad to worse.  I spent that night in agony in the hospital, crying and walking up and down the corridor – not one nurse tried to help me despite my obvious distress!  Eventually the doctor came round and tried to help but because (once again) I wasn’t written up for any morphine she couldn’t give me any stronger pain relief.  I had to wait until my consultant came round by which time it was like de ja vu.  I had spent hours in pain and they had to inject morphine.  Supposedly the nurses don’t like injecting morphine as it is so strong and injecting it sees immediate results, but they had to and I was soon living in a morphine haze for two days.  This time I didn’t hallucinate.  They wouldn’t let me have a pump for this reason so had to keep injecting.  I then spent 24 hours constantly throwing up and in lots of pain.  Fortunately the ward sister that had taken care of me when I had my vaginal problems with the catheter, was on duty all week and she took fabulous care of me.  She remembered me from the week before (it turns out they ALL remembered me, I had become renowned :-)) .  Once again they had no idea what caused the pain – I am a mystery.

I  spent a week in hospital.  I could tell you so much more about my experience in hospital, the people I met and the things I saw.  Most of it unpleasant but all of it life affirming.  I learnt a lot in that week.

Thus ends my experience of severe pain and hospitalisation.  I hope to never have to stay in hospital again and now, thanks to the op I certainly won’t have to for anything related to Ulcerative Colitis 😀


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