Jiving on Regardless

{July 21, 2009}   Signing Out

It dawned on me at the end of last week that this week, Saturday 25th July, is the one year anniversary since my operation.  My post op blogging has been sporadic but this just goes to show how well I am now – I am too busy living and don’t have time to sit and write about how good things are 🙂  Given that, I have decided that it is time to end my blog and move onto new things.

Before I go I should just wrap up a few things for those of you who may be interested.  The first thing is the issue of my bladder and the frequency with which I urinate. I saw a specialist and he concluded that I have an Irritable Bladder.  There can be numerous causes for this and it is fairly common.  In my case it has certainly not been helped by having UC and then surgery.  I have suffered from bladder problems for years but regardless it is very common post colorectal surgery.  The specialist said that he is actually ‘amazed’ that ‘they’ (the surgeons) can do this operation without completely wiping out the functionality of the bladder, as they operate so close to it and the nerve endings it needs to function.  He was quite awe inspired which once again opened my eyes to what a huge operation I have had.

The Consultant examined my pelvis and found that although my pelvic floor is strong (another surprise given I have delivered two babies and been through this op), it is oddly weaker on the left side.  He has recommended that I be referred for pelvic floor physiotherapy. I am to give this four months and put 100 per cent effort into it before I can judge if it is succesful or not.  Supposedly they get good results.  If it doesn’t work there are three medications I can try.  So, the jury is out on this one.  I am not worried.  I am relieved that it is nothing more sinister and am quite happy to trudge through the system until I resolve/improve things.

This time last year I was preparing myself for ‘The op’.  We, my family and I, subsequently went through many difficult days and weeks as I have relayed in my ‘Memory’ blogs.  However, we got here.  We have finally, after ten years, got to the point where I am as Fit as a Fiddle, as Strong as an Ox and Happy as Larry!  I don’t ever want to have to experience anything so hard and painful again, however, I have taken so many positives from the whole experience, many I have relived throughout my years of writing this blog and I shall continue to benefit from those forever.  The operation was the turning point and definitely worth it, I wish I had had it done many years ago.

My life is honestly perfect at the moment.  That’s a big word ‘perfect’ but I can’t think of another to describe how happy I am.  I have my health and my husband and two children are all healthy, something this household will never take for granted.  My husband has finally been promoted after many years of missing out because of the time and dedication he has put into caring for me and our boys to the detriment of his work.  As a result we are the most financially secure we have ever been. My kids are happy at school and happy with their lives and after a period of adjustment love having their Mummy share in their play and their days out and many activities I couldn’t be actively part of before. After some tough, tough years which often put a strain on my marriage my relationship with my husband is the best it has been.

N and I have been married for ten years this year and intended to renew our vows on our tenth Wedding Anniversary which in New Years Eve. However, we have decided that we are going to do it this summer.  On the 24th July, this Friday, we fly to Las Vegas.  It is our first holiday abroad for six years as prior to this my health prevented us from flying.  We wanted to be somewhere together (just the two of us) a year to the day from my op and be able to say ‘we made it and things are sooooo good’. On Saturday we shall stand in Las Vegas, in the sunshine, together and do just that.  At some point that week we shall renew our vows in a private ceremony for just the two of us (not an Elvis in sight!) – I can’t wait.

So, for now, I live contentedly and very happily and intend to go and focus on new projects and new interests.  I shall continue my fundraising efforts and  shall set up a page on here to update on those.  I shall also continue to work with the NACC.

I will start writing another blog as I love doing it but the next topic shall be far less serious, fun and probably not at all interesting to the majority of you who read this – I shall let you know when I start one.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.  Thank you for all the lovely/helpful/insightful comments you have made over the years.  There have been times when this blog has been my lifeline, the only place I could be truly honest about how I felt and what I was going through and the support I have had from you has been so gratefully received.  Blogging has definitely helped and I shall miss it.

I shall continue to read and comment on those UC blogs I already read and I wish everyone the very best of luck with the management of their UC and/or their recovery from ‘The op’. I hope this blog continues to offer people an insight into the whole experience and is of some help.

Time for me to sign off and put this experience into the memory box.

All the best.  Get well/Stay well.

Lottie x


Ali says:

Ah, very sorry to see you go. But very happy too, it is great that you can finally wave bye-bye to this side of your life. Have a fab time in Vegas, and there’d better had be an Elvis at your wedding vow renewal!!
Farewell xx

Lottie says:

I’m sorry that we’ve both stopped blogging, I miss your blog 😦 I don’t suppose I shall ever really say goodbye to this side of my life but perhaps it can take a less prominent place in it.

You know for sure Missy that YOU will never get rid of me. I’m afraid you’ve made a friend for life!

Big Hugs xxx

Martin says:

I wish you the best of luck for a happy and healthy future.

Everything you’ve shared here will be a great help to everyone who reads it.

Definitely helped me around the time of my operation.

Oh, and you looked spectacular in your fancy frock when you went to the horse racing thingy.

Take care, Lottie.

Lottie says:

Thank you Martin. I’m glad reading my blog has helped, that’s all I ever wanted it do. Reading your blog has definitely helped me – you always make me smile even when writing about the horrible stuff. I shall continue to be an avid fan 🙂

I wish you well my friend xx

Rich says:

Thankyou hugely Lottie. Your blog has been a real inspiration and source of help. I will miss reading it. However, I hope you have nothing but health and happiness from now on. All my best wishes for your wedding vows in Las Vegas – have a fabulous time and a fabulous future.

Take care, Richxx

Lottie says:

Thank you Rich. Vegas was fantastic and our vow renewal was all it should be 🙂 I miss blogging so I shall have to find something else to write about. I just suffered my first bout of pouchitis and was tempted to come and write about it but figured I have said goodbye so should leave it at that – besides, a dose of anti-biotics and all is well again 🙂

I still read your blog so you shall no doubt hear from me from time to time.
Hope things get better for you xx

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