Jiving on Regardless

I am no longer on any drugs as I no longer have Ulcerative Colitis and at the moment my pouch is all good.  I ended up having surgery as all drug therapies that were available to a patient up until 2008 had been tried and had failed to put my UC into remission for any significant time.

Over the last ten years I have tried:

Oral Prednisolone – it kept it under moderate control for a while but the side effects became too much for me.  Weight gain, moon face, constant tremors, stiff joints, tiredness, depression.  In 2007 I vowed never to take them again.  I would rather have the surgery.

Prednisolone enemas – never did anything for me.  They were just a pain to administer

IV Prednisolone – just higher doses for a short period – same effect as oral

Oral Mezalazine – Asacol and Pentasa – never did anything in my opinion. I never had a bad reaction to them, they just never achieved anything.

Mezalasine Enemas – as above

Sulphasalazine – had a Stephen Johnson’s reaction.  Horrendous.  I itched to the point I thought I was going insane.  It could have killed me as it is a seriously bad reaction – horrible experience.

Azathioprine – gave me terrible diarrhoea and sickness

Methatrexate – as above

Cyclosporin – worked for nine months and was fantastic.  My miracle drug.  After nine months it’s effectiveness ran out – a common occurrence.

Budesonide – had no effect.  No side effects as it is a steroid that isn’t absorbed through the blood stream but it did nothing for my UC

Infliximab (remicaide) – was good for three infusions but on my fourth I had a bad reaction.  My face went as red as a tomato, I couldn’t breathe properly and I felt sick.  Again, it is quite a common occurrence as your body produces antibodies to fight it, rendering it useless.
I may have missed some off this list as over ten years it is hard to remember all of the drugs but as far as I am aware this was all of them and none worked for me but they work for some and if they keep surgery at bay then they are definitely worth a go.


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