Jiving on Regardless

After I had recovered from my operation I decided that I wanted to raise money to suport those with Ulcerative Colitis at my local hospital and through the NACC.  I aim to raise over £2,000 and this page will detail what we are up to and how we do.

  1. April 2009 – Street Fair and Garage Sale – raised of £85 for the NACC and £85 for the Gastro Nurses Fund at the hospital
  2. May 2009 – car boot sale – raised £10 for the NACC
  3. May 2009 – Dress Down Day at N’s workplace – raised £162.10 for the NACC

The next things we are doing at a couple of ladies evenings and we have a team of about 5 people running our local half marathon with sponsorship in November 2009.


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